Hi all

if you want to know something about me ,,,

My name is : mishaal (مشعل)

My age : is 16 and half

nationality : kuwaiti OF course

live in : south sura

i think that all i can tell , what you want my house number ?! i don’t play kout a lot 😛 but i’m addicted (مدمن كوت)

i hope that all of the viewer enjoy reading my blog

تحديث : يحب قراءه كتب kobo


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Abdul-Aziz كتب:

    welcome to blogging Mishaal, keep the good posts flowing. good job 🙂

  2. iceq8 كتب:

    Well welcome abdulaziz to my blog and thanks for your cheers words , and i’m one of your blog fan if you want to know and it’s my honor that one of my favorate blog owner visit and comment in my blog

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