the best advice is the drunk advice


Actually it’s a funny story that i heared and i want to tell you about it

Once there was a muslim man in europe and he was drinking alcoholic 😦 , but he was praying in time .

One day he found a mosque in his way and they were praying so he tried to follow them , but once he found a false hadeeth (or weak) as i heared in paper that been stick in the mosque door that it meant to be :

(if you were drunk don’t pray in mosque)

a lot of sheikh had said it false or weak .

Anyway he said to himself : i will drink , so why do i pray ?! , so he decided to never pray .

After a while he arrive to his usual bar , and order beer . while he was drinking an arabian muslim man was near him and have this long conversation and the man tell the other about his  decision .

But the arabian drunk man told him an advice that said : ” there a rope between us and our god , we must hold at least a rope so we can reach him .

the other man felt that he is wrong and regret for every drop he drunk , so he had never drink again and start his new life hoping that his god allah will have mercy on him

and that’s all 🙂

There are  things and people can changed our life with an advice , and with allah help most of the advices can be done , and all people must accept the good advice even if it from a drunk man

note : alcoholic in islam is  forbidden for what it have from body , brain , and community damages , but some people doesn’t even have a brain 😀

thanks for reading and visit my blog

mishaal .K . ALomar


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