Blackberry torch 9850 & 9860 simple review

Blackberry torch 9850 Hi

Since i hear my friends talking about the new BB torch 9850

and i’m curious to find how it look like , is it light , does it have apps like iphone , what is the new torch features , and like that .

I entered the US blackberry website to find information about it .

actually it’s not bad , with the blackberry OS 7 and 3.75 inch touch pad , and with high 720 p HD camera . it show that RIM are moving forward to better .


you can find the all information about this smartphone on this link :



what i curious on  it look like iphone but iphone have a free email while BB must have a service data to activate email and BBM , and Iphone have a fantastic appstore while appworld doesn’t have a lot of apps .


but the most beuatiful thing for me is that it doesn’t have a keyboard so it will be more  thinner than the old torch


but we all kknow that there is nothing beat IPhone 4



refresh : it have a beautiful apps and 3d games



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