Me and my Blackberry


Some of my friend advice me to buy an Iphone and some of them advice me to buy a Blackberry . the problem is i have an Ipod 3g and it’s not as i want so i tried to buy blackberry .


when i was heading to Xcite i was thinking how is it ?! is it faster than IPhone or IPhone is better , but BB is better in IM (instant messages) and messenger . i was like this until i arrived to xcite . i ask for 9300 BB curve and it was awesome when i did try it .


but day by day it get worse until it become move by it self and i didn’t know that i need a service data to activate the messenger , windows live , and twitter



so day by day until now i’m regret for buying Blackberry . my advice is don’t buy any thing from RIM (research in motion ,( the company that create blackberry devices)


thanks for reading : bo5alood


2 thoughts on “Me and my Blackberry

  1. thetop7 كتب:

    Just started using WordPress for Blackberry (version 1.5.1) and it works fine. Here is a post about this app that I wrote on my Torch

    • iceq8 كتب:

      First : thanks for your comment
      Second : I’m writing now using blackberry wordpress , actually it’s good but the device is worse .

      I used wordpress for IPhone and ipod before , it was awesome too .

      Well I’m now searching for somone to buy my playbook , and I hope someone buy it ASAP

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